Today I am going to tell you about some mystery shopping companies as well as some jobs that I have ran across that nurses can do.

With the Mystery shopping, you will get to do restaurant shops, video stores, banks, book stores, etc. Usually these shops will pay for the product that you purchase along with give you an incentive to do the shop. The only thing about doing mystery shopping is that you need to be very organized and attentive to the shop. Anyone can do this but pay attention to the details that the company is looking for.

Game Films Consultants. This is my favorite because I do mystery shopping for them at steak houses. We get to go have a great meal that usually pays around $35. You fill out a review online and send a picture of your receipt.

Second To None This is also one of my favorites. They are easy to work with and shops are available often.

Customer Service Experts This one is one that I have not shopped with but I have it on my list and I am signed up with them. I just have not taken time to watch for shops to come available with this company.

Corporate Research International: You would conduct on site and phone evaluations.

Mystery Guest Inc.: You would visit business then complete an online survey. Check the details regarding payment and if you get to keep the items. I have not used this company at all but I have been told it is good.

Nurses: I am not a nurse but I ran across several things that a nurse could do from their home and I wanted to share it with you.

Atena hires nurses to work from home in case management, precertification and as nurse consultants. Must have an RN License.

Fonemed hires home based nurses for triage calls and home based customer service reps. Must have a RN license

Humana hires home based nurses for inpatient case managers, concurrent review and case management. Must have a RN License.

Over the weekend I will be posting jobs that you can do that is for Editing, Transcribers, and Online Juror. Check back. It will not be posted until later on Saturday. (this is my yard sale hunting day!)

Hope these few suggestions are helpful to you. By no means am I getting paid to promote or getting gifts to promote these companies. They are suggestions to you to research for yourself and see if they are a good fit for you and your family.

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  1. Janell // 29 August, 2009  

    I wish I lived in the states so I could take advantages of these companies! Great post! I have linked it from my site!