Sorry for this post being later than expected. Many events this weekend kept me from doing my blogging.

Today I am going to share with you some opportunities to work from home by doing some Editing and also Online Juror. Let's start wtih editing.

CyberEdit, Inc. They offer educated editing, writing services and also resume writing. This is done on a freelance basis but it ranges from $15- $40 a hour. Click on Peterson's resume Edge and then on the bottom of the page, click on jobs (in small letters)

Edit Fast: You would do editing, proof reading and writing. This is also freelance. The editor gets 40% of the final project price. This could be a whole lot or it could just be a little. It all depends on the project.

Online Juror

This just sounds fun to me. How about you? this is a tool that the attorneys use before going to trial. They do mock trials via the internet. You can get paid an average of $5-$10 a case.

Online This is another tool that attorneys use to prepare for cases. If you participate you can get paid $20 - $60 per case.

Trial Practices, Inc: This is the same as above but the pay is $10 a case. Click on Juror to sign up.

Trial Juries. com: This is also the same as above. The pay is around $30 a case.

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