Hopefully yesterday gave you a few ideas on how you can make money while staying home. Here are some more companies that are like the ones I listed yesterday.
Just Answer: This company is a website that answers any questions by a live operator. You will get paid a % of all answers that were accepted.
VIP Desk: Virtual cntact center for companies. They are very long in the hiring process but everything I have heard about this company is good.
ACD Direct: Contact center for businesses. Make inbound and outbound calls for companies.
Staffing at Home: Contact center for businesses. I don't know much about this company but I wanted to make you aware of it.
Cha Cha: Be hired as a personal search guide. Pay is based on each answer. This is a neat service. People text questions, you look up the answer and respond.

Tomorrow, I will be listing mystery shopping options and also jobs that Nurses can do from home.

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