Banks are offering incentives to earn your business. They will give bonuses if you open an account for them or give you a gift. I have not written about this before but this is one way that I earn some income for my family. Thanks to Carrie for introducing this to me.

When I see that a online bank or a brick and mortor bank is offering a cash incentive, I pay close attention to it and check out the details. Here are a few things that I look at.

  1. Do they do a soft credit pull or a hard credit pull? If they do a soft credit pull , there is no negative effect on your credit report.
  2. What are the stipulations for the cash incentive?
  3. Initial balance to open the account?
  4. Does it require a direct deposit?
  5. Does it require a certain number of debit card uses? And is there a charge for the debit card use?

These are the questions that I ask each time I see an offer. I have done several and feel comfortable now to be able to present this to you, my readers, as a legit method of ways to increase your money.

I have done. ING Direct orange account for all 4 of us received a $50 cash bonus. PNC Bank Checking with a $75 bonus. I know for sure that the PNC bank is still available and I have just recieved my $75 into my account this week.

With telling you this, Chase bank is doing a promotion right now for $100 bonus. All you have to do is Open a Chase Checking SM account, set up direct deposit or make five debit card purchases and get a $100 cash bonus. The amount you have to have is $100 to open the account. So you are doubling your initial investment. I am going to do this today and take advantage of the 5 debit card transactions.

For bookkeeping purposes, I use quickbooks to keep up with my accounts and the balances that I have in them. I don't open up an account and then close it immediately. I do use them for certain purposes. The ING Direct I am using as savings account for the family. I kept the bonus money in the accounts. The PNC checking account I am using for my ebay sells and I plan on using the Chase account for my Christmas fund. What a great start towards Christmas. I will have gained $100 with just a few minutes of my time. All my transactions is done via internet so I am not running all over town to set up accounts and transfer money. It is so easy.

Be sure and either print out the information or copy and paste it into a word document for your records. It is always good to keep a good paper trail.

Click on each of the links . I suggest starting with the PNC or Chase. ING is a great savings program if you are looking to start putting away a little cash.

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  1. Anonymous // 02 June, 2009  

    question: where can I find the rules or fine print to the chase one. Do i have to use debit 5 times a month or just all together. How ofen do I have to use it, etc. do I get a debit card or do i have to buy things offline?

  2. The Thrifty Geek // 02 June, 2009  

    You can find the terms on the page that you link to through the post. It is right under the offer.
    You will need to do 5 debit card transactions with in 60 days.

    Thanks for the question.