Sorry to the lack of post yesterday. This was a crazy day. I had a doctors appointment that I thought was just blood work but turned into a long session with my GYN. I love my (female) GYN. I feel like I can talk to her about any female problem and she doesn’t judge at all. Today, She stepped on my toes. I am having a re-occurring problem and a easy fix would be to have surgery but after talking with her for about 35 minutes she feels that I need to go another route.
Are you ready to hear this……. Physical therapy and weight loss. Yes, therapy. I was shocked. For a female issue, there is physical therapy. I just laughed when she said it because it caught me off guard. But she says it works and she would like to try it before doing any surgery.
Now for the weight loss, I know I am over weight. That is something that I deal with everyday.(along with turning 40) But she really stressed that issue today. In between now and the 30th (when I go back for a check up) I am going to be walking 45 minutes a day for 6 days a week and doing the South Beach diet. She says the South Beach diet is great for women and the results are great. I was kinda surprised she suggested that.

So starting on Thursday, my habits are changing. I want the physical therapy and the weight loss to work. The therapy will be interesting for sure and the weight gain is just a win win.

This is not going to be post that I talk about but I just wanted to share with you how my toes got flattened today and also I got a laugh out of the medical world with the therapy.
Oh and by the way, I measured 1 ½ inches shorter today than usual, what is up with that?

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