I wanted to give you an update on my post earlier about the 2 patchwork blankets and the 2 summer drinkware sets. I received all 4 items. The blankets are thin but nice. Both of them are pink patchwork and will be great for a baby's gift or a little girls gift. They also would be great for a table cover if you had a need for a thicker table cloth for a table. It would be a great addition for a girls party to cover the table. The drinkware sets are also cute. It is all plastic. The pitcher is tall and slender. It has 4 cups, 4 coasters and 4 flower shaped dessert plates. I am going to use these as gifts for girls heading off to college and put them in a basket with some specialty lemonade mixes.
This was well worth the time it took to order these items and send off the rebate. I have no doubt I will use these items for 4 different gifts sometime this year and it only cost me pennies.
Please let me know if you have any questions
You can click here to read the post regarding how to order these items.

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  1. Disconnected Diva // 12 February, 2009  

    Love your ideas !! You are so creative AND thrifty !

  2. The thrifty geek // 12 February, 2009  

    Thanks! I enjoy seeking and finding new ways to save money while still enjoying life.