I am so sorry for the delayed post. We had family in visiting this weekend and we enjoyed our time with the so much that time just flew by plus on top of that we had 3 basketball games this weekend. Busy busy.
Let me tell you about a great deal that moneysavin methods.com shared last week and I took advantage of. I posted on Friday to go ahead and sign up for Mr Rebates and be ready to take advantage of this awesome buy. If you haven't done that click on the post below and sign up with Mr. Rebates now and then come back to this post. You will not want to miss out on this.
  1. Sign into Mr Rebates.com (be sure to click on the link in my last post) and look for the store Brylane home. Click on Brylane. Coupons will come up for this online store. Click on the one that has the free patchwork blanket. This will take you to the Brylane website.

  2. When you make any purchase for any amount you will get the free patchwork blanket. I went to the $9.99 and below tab. On that tab there is a sweet summer drinkware set for $3.98. I selected this item and went checkout.

  3. At check out enter in your billing address and enter you coupon code for the Free Patchwork blanket. BHPATCH4U. The blanket and the credit will load after you enter the code. At this point my total was 8.97 with shipping.

  4. Enter in your billing information and checkout.

  5. Once you checkout a free trial will come up from Reservation Rewards. Sign up for this trial service and you will get a $10 credit for your next purchase with Brylane. Be sure to mark your calendars to cancel this service a few days before the 30 day trail period ends if you don't like this service. Keep it if you use it and enjoy it. I have marked it on my daytimer and my online calendar to where I don't forget.

  6. Go back to Mr rebates and start the process over again. Step 1 - 3. Be sure to enter the patchwork blanket coupon code again and also enter the gift certificate number that you got from Reservation Rewards when you signed up.

  7. This will add the $10 credit to your checkout. For me this gave me a credit!!! FREE!!

  8. Go back to Reservation Rewards andn look for you a Monthly $10 bonus. I found it on the front page to the left side. Follow the directions to get your refund for your first order.

So for a little time, signing up with Mr. Rebates from the link in the last post, and shopping (which I love to do) I got 2 sets of summertime drinkware and 2 patchwork pink blankets for just a few pennies after the rebate. This is a great start to filling the gift closet with some great items.
Please e-mail me if you have any questions. thethriftygeek@live.com

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