This might be cheesy but I went to the mailbox yesterday evening and got a big stack of envelopes out of the box. As you know, that always makes you nervous because most of the time it is the dirty word..... BILLS but to my suprise, there were NO bills.

Look what all I got.

  1. Coupon for a free product of Suave. value up to $3.00

  2. Coupon for a free 2 liter of Diet Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper. You can still sign up for this at this link Click here. Value up to $1.59

  3. Sample of Sunsilk shampoo, conditioner & fizz control PLUS $2 coupons for my next purchase.

  4. Home made simple book of coupons. $27 in coupon savings in this book! YEAH! You can sign up here to get yours.

  5. 1 load sample of Tide Total Care.

So if I take advantage of all the items I got today in the mail, it would be a positive of $34.09. That is giving the samples a value of 25 cents each.

It was a great day from our mail lady, hopefully she will bring more great things today in the mail. :)

Keep watching and I will share more and more how you can save money and still live a life of fullness.


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