I am sad to say, but we LOVE to eat out. When I look at our budget that is one line that makes me kringe everytime. That is our weekness. But with saying that, we still eat out much cheaper than most because of constantly finding great deals from restaurants with their coupons, specials or gift cards or just thinking through the ordering process before we go in. I have taken some of our family methods and listed them here for you to look at and use also. Everyone needs to enjoy a meal out every so often.

  1. Clip coupons. The Sunday paper always have fast food coupons and also every so often a nice restaurant coupons in them. Clip them. I have a file that I place these in and they stay in my car all the time. Also, we get local mailings that have the area restaurants in them. these are usually in a magazine form. Flip through your junk mail like that, you never know when you might find a great restaurant coupon. Check my blog often because I love sharing coupons that I find via the web or newspaper.

  2. Entertainment 2009 Book. I have written on this a couple of times but I want to restate it again. This is a great book. Click here to read my post on how you can get this for pennies and save HUGE at restaurants and local attractions. With one food purchase using the Entertainment book, I saved the amount that I spent on buying this book. You have to get one if they are available for you area. It is always a must each year for our family.

  3. Take advantage of discount specials and "kids eat free nights. Click here for a great website that list restaurants in your area and the nights that are "kids nights" If you didn't take advantage of the BOGO from TGI Fridays, click here to go to that post. It is still available until March 1st 2009.

  4. Soda's verses Water. Water wins everytime. That is a no brainer, it is FREE! You will add another meal to your bill if you order drinks for 4 people. This rule is for sitdown restaurants that don't include drinks in the meal price. Don't waist your money and drink healthy.

  5. Sharing. we do this all the time. The meals at a sitdown restaurant is usually so large that two can eat or if not you can add another side and then it will be plenty large enough. Split the meal. Or if y ou are eating by yourself, ask them to split it before even bringing it out to you. They will be happy to box up 1/2 the meal and you can have it for lunch the next day. We do this all the time.

  6. Pay with plastic. If you pay your credit card off each month, use it to make your meal purchases. Earn the cashback to where maybe once or twice a year you eat out for FREE on your credit card. Don't charge the meals if you don't pay your card off. That is not frugal. It defeats the purpose.

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