I love this book. This book is full of restaurant coupons & merchant coupons. Just this past week we used the buy on get one free at Steak and Shake for a double cheese burger. YUM ! Un the book there are coupons for all different kinds of restaurants and entertainment places.

At Cashbaq.com right now they have the book on sale for 35% off with a $10 cashbaq. If you are new to cashbaq.com you get a sign up bonus of $5. So, I checked on Atlanta Entertainment books and if you are able to sign up and get the $5 signup bonus, $10 cash back and the 35% off, you will only be paying $1.36 for the mega book of coupons. Believe me, this is a deal. Up until this year, I pay $25 for a book. I get it each year in January to where I can use it all year long.

Click here to sign up for Cashbaq.com and then look up Entertainment books. You put in your zip code and it will tell you if you have a book available for your area.

Once you use this site, you will love it. I do all my online shopping through it to where I get a discount plus cashback.

Email me at thethriftygeek@live.com if you have any questions.


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