What a great night to throw in a movie and even better it is free. Use this code M7DM23 which is good through midnight at any redbox and you will get it for free. Remember to return it before 24 hours is up or you will be charged for another day.
If you are not sure what Redbox is, check at your local McDonalds and see if they have a box outside or sometimes inside (if the area is not as nice) McDonalds were the first place these were placed. Now they are in grocery stores also. The box looks just like the picture above. You select your movie, swipe your credit card / debit card, enter your promo code if you have one and also set up your e-mail address for receipt. Your card will not be charged the $1 if you use a valid promo code. If the movie is returned late it is charged a $1 for each day it is late. The great thing about Redbox is, you can return any movie to any redbox. It doesn't have to be returned to the same box you rented from. Send comments my way if you have any questions.
Enjoy the cheap movie.
Click here to see if you have a redbox near you.

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  1. Anonymous // 17 February, 2009  

    I am not sure we have redbox here. However, I'd like a little more info ... basically you rent a movie for free ? Instead of paying you enter a code ? How can I find out if there is a redbox near me ?

  2. Anonymous // 17 February, 2009  

    Am I going crazy or did you update the info ? LOL. WOW, there is a redbox at my Kmart AND Walmart. Maybe one day I will do this. THANKS!