Hey everyone,
I wanted to share with you some exciting changes coming to this blog. We are going to step to the next level and to a self hosted website! I am so excited. I have been wanted to do this for a while but just afraid to take the leap. BUT the other week, I won a years worth of hosting wtih Mom Webs through a contest that Jendi's journal was doing. So that confirmed to me I needed to take the leap and do it.

The sad side to this is I have waited so long that someone else has my name out in the world wide web so I am going to have to make a small adjustment. My new web address is going to be...

It is not live yet but I will let you know when it goes live. There might be a short time that this site will be down for the transfer but only for a few hours.
I am hoping to have everything changed over by mid next week and we can have a home warming party at www.athirfygeek.com! Stay tuned and watch for the changes!
Have great day!

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  1. one4earth // 11 September, 2009  

    congrats and good luck!!