UPDATE!!! I just logged on for the first time this week to check if I had any ads to view and I had several to view and get paid for. I was so excited. So if you are a You Data member, check your ads before the end of the day to where you can get paid for this week. If you are not a member, click here to sign up. I am so excited that the ads are starting to come back. This is a great way to make a little extra money.

Many of my readers already do You Data. I was doing great with You Data up until about 4 weeks ago. Then my payout has not been as great. I emailed the company and asked what was happening. Today, when I logged on to see if there were any ads that I could view, one of them was an explination from You Data. They responded by saying they have had an overwhelming response to the program from the viewers and the companies are having to catch up. In another words, there are more viewers like you and I than ads. So the ads are getting stretched out over all the viewers.

The good news is, the advertisers are noticing this and You Data is getting more and more companies to join their marketing. That means more cash for us soon.

I suggest to stick with it. A dime is a dime. It is more than what you had and didn't take a dimes worth of your time to get it. You Data said that the payouts will increase soon.

If you are new to You Data, you can read my prior post here and then sign up here to get in early on the action here

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