Many of you have already started using You to bring in a little money each week. This is not a way to get rich or even increase your income greatly. this is a small way to give you a little each week.

I have a paypal account set up and each time they deposit this money into that account. I call it my Mad Money account. You will be suprised how it adds up. I average around $7 a week for as little as 5 minutes a week clicking through ads. The most I spend a week is 10 minutes. If I find a website I like to look at it might take me longer but that is my choice not the requirement. I was able to save enough money over a few months and took my daughter shopping for spring. FREE money.
Read the post below that I wrote a while back and start earning you a little money. Make you a Mad Money account. It is fun.

I have been doing for several weeks and each week I get money deposited into my paypal account. I wanted to share this site with you. This is a click through site that pays you to look at other websites. The amounts are not massive but this day and time, every little bit helps. It only takes a couple of minutes a day. You sign in and it will tell you if you have ads to look at. You will click on the ads and your account is credited. At the end of the week, youdata will transfer the money into your account. At first I would go a couple to three days with out having any ads to look at but then I made sure my profile was up to date and I have had ads everyday. Click here to sign up. It is easy money and so far it amount up to what I would pay for one lunch each week. The advertisers are growing and I am sure the money will grow with it.Make a little money for a little amount of time. Can't beat that. Click here

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