Yesterday I shared with you places that you could go and do that is FREE. Today, I wanted to share with you a few ways to catch a movie for really cheap. This is a great activitiy if it has been raining and you need to get out of the house or maybe it is just too hot to go outside.

AMC is having a Summer Movie Camp. This is at selected AMC theatres for June 17- August 5th. They will be showing a movie every Wednesday starting at 10 a.m. $1 movie and AMC is also offering a kids snack pack for $3. Drink, popcorn and candy. Click here.

Cinemark is showing 10 movies this summer for a $1 each. If you would like to buy the tickets in advance, you can buy a set of tickets for all 10 movies for $5. (yeah 1/2 off) Click here to see if your theatre is participating. Scroll down to the bottom and select your city.

Redbox. This is a great way to rent movies and return them anywhere. If you are not aware of redbox, it a video machine that is placed outside of establishments to where you can rent a movie. The best place to find them is at a McDonalds or Walgreens. The rental is a $1 for a day. You creditcard will be charged a $1 a day if you don't return it. The best part is you can return it any where that has a redbox. (Even if it is in a different state. )

Enjoy your movies.

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