I have been married to my best friend for 20 years today. I just really can't believe it has been 20 years. Wow. I look back and our lives have grown up together. We married at 19. We were so young. We have raised two beautiful children that love the Lord and our marriage is stronger today than ever.

I look back over our marriage and I see times that we both wanted to just throw up our hands and call it quits but thankfully the Holy Spirit kept reminding us of our committment to each other on June 17. I am so thankful to have the Holy Spirit living in me.

There is a frugal/thirfty point to this post other than shouting out that I have been married for 20 years. Last night I cooked for my husband a meal that we would usually go out an get for our anniversary. We had salad, garlic bread, baked potato, rib eye, and crab legs. Yes, all of that, and yes, we were stuffed.

I know that if we eat out a meal like that it is going to cost around $60 after tip. So the kids were both away from the house last night so I decided to create my own anniversary meal.

Here is my total.

Salad 1.00 (some lettuce from the garden)

Garlic Bread .50 (1/4 of box of texas toast)

Baked Potato 1.00

Sweet Potato .75

Rib eyes (2) 7.89 (thin sliced)

Crab Legs 16.00 (2 pounds... YuM)

Water .00 filtered with Zuvo puriator.

$ 27.14 TOTAL

Savings of $32.86

We had a great meal, great conversation and even was able to watch a movie after dinner from the redbox for $1. So the grand total of the night was $28.14 for a dinner and a movie.

Do you have a special occasion coming up or do you need an excuse for a special meal with your husband or wife? Recreate your favorite meal and cook it at home. Make it special. Pull out the "good" dishes enjoy your time together.

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  1. Walravens // 17 June, 2009  

    Happy Anniversary, Anna and Gregg! Thank you for being a beautiful example of what a godly marriage can be. Love to you both!