I love swagbucks. As today, I have recieved $45 in Amazon gift cards in just a little over 3 months. That is $ for doing something that I do already..... search the internet.

I am saving all of my swag buck's gift cards to Christmas shop in November. I am so excited.

Shh... don't tell my hubby but I have my eyes set on a mini laptop for him.

You don't have to get Amazon gift cards, there are other gift cards and items available, but I choose to use Amazon because you can buy anything from there.

what do you need to do to earn your swagbucks?

  1. click here or the banner below to sign up

  2. either make Swagbucks your home page or put it in your favorites to visit each day.

  3. Search withthe swagbucks search engine (powered by google) through out the day. I have found I win swagbucks once in the morning and once in the evening.

  4. Watch your account start racking up the bucks.

  5. I cash out my swagbucks each time I get 45. I request an Amazon gift card each time. no real reason for doing this except, just afraid inflation might effect swagbucks too and the cost might go up for the gift card. :)

Enjoy your free gifts from Swagbucks.

Search & Win

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