Mystery Shopping. This is a way to make some money. Not enough money to quit your job or even quit your part time job but it is a way to get a free meal or a way to get an item free. All the mystery shopping jobs that I have done doesn't pay much more than just getting the item free or a great free meal. Here is a few things you need to know to where you can make your opinion on if Mystery Shopping is right for you.

  • You have to pay out money to earn the money. This is a mystery shopping job so you have to shop. You have to either buy the item, order a meal or what ever the shop is, you usually have to purchase something. The Mystery Shopping company will reimburse you for the purchase and usually pay you a little above that price. The Mystery Shopping company usually takes about 45-60 days to reimburse you for your expenses and pay you.

  • Consider other cost for the Mystery Shop. Don't choose a shop that is far away from your home if you are not going to get paid a lot. As gas is climbing, you don't want to use more gas than you would get paid. Choose shops that are close to home or places that you would want to go or need to go. Planning your errands around the shop will help with that extra expense of gas.

  • Don't register for any Mystery Shopping company that ask for you to pay an entry fee. You should not pay to work for a company. That is not the idea. You are to be paid for your services.

  • Check with Mystery Shoppers Providers Network. This is like the college degree for mystery shoppers. You can get your certification here and it will help you get better mystery shops. This is a legit site and all mystery shop companies ask if you have this certification. You do have to pay for this certification but if you are wanting to make more money with Mystery Shopping then you need to consider getting certified. This will get you more jobs with better pay.

  • Last but not least, you have to be detail oriented. I can't say this enough. You have to be detail oriented. The forms you fill out are very detailed and the method that you need to do the shop is detailed out in the guidelines. This is very important that you follow it to the T because they can choose not to pay you if you don't.

IF you are still interested in mystery shopping, here are a few that I have done in the past and was successful in getting paid.

Game Film Consultants

Second to None

Sutter Marketing

Good luck!

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