Learning to stock up is a necessity to becoming thrifty. You have to be a thrifty shopper and also have a mind set that you might be buying items that you will use in that weeks menu but will use in the next fee weeks. Also, you need to get into the mind set that if the item is at the rock bottom price you need to buy as many as you would use for the next 12 weeks if possible if you have enough coupons to buy the item.

Stockpiling is a way to purchase items that you use regularly at a price that is the lowest. You don't want to run out of ketchup one day and have to run to the store and pay $2.99 when you can stock up and buy it for .25 -.50 cents each. See the savings?

I keep a running list of items that I have in my stockpile to where I can quickly glance at it when I see things on sale and see if my stockpile is getting low. We need to be thrifty but we don't have too much that we never use it or the date will expire. I always buy toothpaste, deodorant, etc because I donate that to missions and also pass it to family members. If you can get things cheap or free and you can give it to others, use this as a ministry also.

If you stockpile items that possibly could attract bugs and mice, be sure to store them in rubbermaid containers to keep them safe.

Stockpiling is a mind set and also a necessity if you want to get to a point that you are not breaking your budget on groceries and hygene items.

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