Do you do rebates? I just sent off today 4 rebates that I had in my binder waiting to be completed once the item went on sale to where I could get it for FREE or almost FREE. The great thing about rebates is that you get the orginal price back in the rebate. So if you organize your rebate offers and watch for the items to hit the rock bottom prices to use your coupons on, then you will have a money making deal. This is the method that I use when doing a rebate.
  • Obtain the rebate form and hole punch it to fit into my binder. Click here to see the binder method that I use.
  • Highlight the start and end date, the guildelines and the product(s) that you need to buy on teh rebate form.
  • Address an envelope with the rebate mailing address and paperclip to the rebate form. (this serves two purposes, it is ready to mail off and it also holds the proof of purchases and receipts until you get ready to seal and mail off.
  • Collect and check off on the rebate form all items needed as you get them and place in the envelope.
  • Make a copy of each item. If you have a scanner, I would scan it and just save it in a word doc. This will cut down on paper waste.
  • Mark on your copies the date mailed and amount expected to receive.
  • Seal up envelope and mail before the dead line date.

I keep the rebates in my binder in date due order. That way you are not flipping back and forth to see when things are due.

Click here to enjoy some great rebates. Check them out because some great ones are about to expire.

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