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My daughter is looking to open up a second bank account to use as a savings account but still beable to access it for school. I shared with her how I like ING Direct. I have an account open for me and also for my hubby. It is dong quite well because of the interest.

Your FDIC-insured Deposits Earn Interest
Your everyday money shouldn't cost you, it should help you save too.
Comes With FREE Stuff:
Free MasterCard® Debit Card for all purchases
Free Online Bill Pay
Free access at over 35,000 ATMs through the Allpoint™ network
Free postage - we'll mail your paper checks for you
Send Electric Checks - Show friends how cool you are. Securely email them money.
It's Fast and free.

Here is the terms and conditions for the Orange Account. Click here

Right now the interest rate is .24% and APR .25% this is up to $49,999.99.

I am going to recommend that my daughter open an ING account because of the long term relationship that I have had being great, the ease of banking , and the higher interst due to no brick and morter building to suck up all the money.

Click on the picture above to connect to ING. This is a great savings for your kidos also. It is easy to add this to your direct deposit from your work and you can start seeing the
savings add up.

There are several interest bearing internet banks out there that give great rates. There are even some that are higher but I am very comfortable with the stability of ING and know my money is safe and growing in their hands. I would not recommend something to you if I wasn't happy and at peace with it myself.

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