Summer is coming and there is so many things that you can do. The best thing is that a lot of it is FREE or cheap. Here are a few ways you can put a dent in your entertainment budget and still have fun.

  1. Go to the park. Our city prides themselves in all the parks that we have. Each one if different and provides different activites to do or see. Get a list of your local parks. Make a point to check them out. Have your family meet at the park after work and school and have a picnic. This will be a great way to break the week up and it won't cost you nothing but the gas to get there.

  2. Use Redbox or even Netflix. We love redbox. If you read this blog often you see that I post FREE redbox codes on Monday and sometimes on Wednesday. This is for a FREE movie for 24 hours. It is great. Netflix has several tiers of membership that will fit somewhere in your budget. Watching a movie at home is cheaper than going to the movies, plus you get to lay there with your favorite people in your favorite pajamas. Click here to read more about redbox.

  3. Use your library to get books and movies. The library is filled with many movies, plus they are usually the first to get that top seller book. During the summer most libraries have a reading program and also weekly demostrations, and children's programs. Check out your local library schedule for the summer and get you a library card.

  4. local sports. Catch a summer baseball game at the local ball park. Check with your friends and see when their children will be playing ball. It will be fun to see a game, catch up with friends and get some fresh air. Plus usually they are FREE.

  5. Take a staycation. If you need a break but just don't have the cash to fly or drive a long distance. Stay at home and still have a vacation. You can stay home in your town and still have fun. Get a list from your local chamber of all the area events and places to visit. You will be suprised how many things are with in driving distance of your home. Even if you live in the boonies.

  6. Want to visit local venues but don't have the cash to take the whole family? Write the company. They have tickets that they can give out. When we moved to Louisville back in 2000, I contacted 2 local places that I knew my children would love and asked if they could send free passes. I was suprised but both places sent 4 tickets to get in. Don't be shy. Ask. All they can say is no. If you are getting to travel this year somewhere on vacation, look up online and see what is around where you are going and call or write the places. If they can't give free passes then ask if they have discount coupons that they can send you.

  7. Use priceline. We use this all the time. You can set your own price and bid on it. I will always start very low. Lower than I ever think it will be accepted but you will be suprised how low they will accept. We have rented cars for $9 a day a couple of times and we have stayed in hotels that the rooms run $299.00 a night for $79.99 a night. Check out priceline if you have not already. They have great customer service also.

Well I hope this gives you some ideas. Please share your ideas in the comment section to where others can take advantage of ways that you save in your entertainment.

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