Dealicious mom has written about the Old Navy coupons on her blog.

This is what she said,

New Coupons should be up late tonight or early Friday....It is time to start checking again. I was told that this week (on Friday) the highest value coupon will be $45 off of a $100 purchase! The hiding places are rumored to be much trickier this week and next week there is suppose to be $75 off of $100 coupons again! Yay!I would really recommend that you bookmark this site if you like shopping at Old Navy like I do!

Here is how the site has new coupons hidden in their ad every week. You have to search for them but you have to hurry because there are only a limited amount of each coupon available.

Check our DealiciousMom's site sometime.
These are great coupons to get your summer clothes with. SAVE SAVE SAVE!

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