Call your local staples (look up number here) and see if they still have this in stock. The SKU # has been replaced with a newer product that will not be honored through the rebate. But call your local staples and ask them if they have product number 554638. If they don't, they can also check the surrounding Staple stores for you.

Staples is selling thier paper with SKU # 554638 for $6.99 and you can go here to get the rebate form. The paper reams are like the one pictured on sale for $6.99 each. The rebate that they are offering is a $5.99 rebate back via mail or online submission per ream. The best part is that there’s no limit on the number of rebates you can submit! I called Staples rebate center this morning to make sure that I was understanding this correctly. You can submit the whole amount on one rebate form. So how is it free you ask if there is a $1 difference in the price and the rebate? Glad you asked. Staples takes coupons and they take their competitors coupons. Click here and coupon or use this Office Depot Coupon (Staples accepts competitors coupons).
Southersavers posted a senerio for how she did the transaction. See below.

**Deal Idea**

Buy 8 reams at $6.99 ea

Pay $45.92 plus Tax out of pocket

get back $47.92 in rebates!!

This is a great paper deal. Your church, family, business can use paper all the time. The children's department at church would love a couple of reams of paper, or your child's teacher at school. There are great ways to share this deal with your friends and family.

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