As you know, We LOVE to eat out. Gregg and I love to enjoy a meal out as much as possible. With out kids being older and their schedules being so busy, Gregg and I would much rather just grab a bite to eat and enjoy the time together and conversation than being in a kitchen having to cook and clean. But eating out is not friendly to the budget, especially when you have a whole family to feed. Here are some suggestions for saving on that meal out.

  1. Try to use coupons when you eat out. There are plenty of restaurants that publish coupons either through the local papers, Entertainment books or When choosing where to eat, try to look at your options based off of what coupons you have and the price range that you want to have your meal. I have written earlier about the Entertainment books and Click on each to read the post regarding them. We use both all the time and save a lot of money. Be sure to click on each and check them out.
  2. Skip the appetizer. Now days the meals are so large in the restaurants, you don't need an appetizer. By the time you eat the appetizer and your main course comes, you are already full. Most of the time the appetizers are over priced also. Some restaurants already serve you bread and / or chips while you are waiting. Enjoy the free appetizers and save room for the main course.
  3. Order Water. Most restaurants charge $1.50 or higher for a soda/tea. Order water and have them put some lemon in it if you need some taste. If a family of 4 orders drinks, you already have added $6 to your meal. We all need to drink more water so save that money and help your body also.
  4. Share entrees. We do this alot. Gregg and I will share a meal at a restaurant and maybe add another side veggie. Restaurants are use to people doing this so don't hesitate to ask them to just bring an extra plate. Even when we have a BOGO coupon, we will still share a meal and have them box up the second one before they even bring it to the table. We use the second meal for lunch the next day.
  5. Order from the kids menu. This especially works if you are not too hungry. Some restaurants will not let you order from the kids menu but all fast food places don't mind. If you are out for lunch order from the kids menu, the size is great for a lunch.
  6. Eat and early supper. Some restaurants serve lunch until 4 p.m. For a weekend this would be great. You will miss the supper crowds and still get a great meal for almost 1/2 the cost. Coupons would still apply to your meal.
  7. Surveys on the bottom of your receipt. Fill them out, call them in , or do an online survey. Most of the time the survey will give you either a FREE appetizer for your next visit or even a dessert (Yum) Appetizers can serve as a meal if you choose the right one.

Be sure to check out the articles that I have written regarding and the Entertainment book. These are two great items to use if you enjoy eating out. Keep a envelope in your car with restaurant coupons in them. If they are in your car, then when you start to go out to eat, you will have them with you and they won't be sitting on the kitchen counter. :)

Leave a comment on how you save money while eating out and I will post them.

Have a great day!

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