I ran across a list of 2000 + uses for WD-40. I was amazed at what all this can of what I thought was just "squeak remover" oil does. After reading through this list, I went out to the garage and dusted off the cobwebs from the can and moved it into the kitchen for easy access. Let me share a few with you.

  • Removes Crayon from screen doors, plastic tables & the carpet.

  • Removes sticker residue from clothes.

  • Cleans the piano keys

  • Polishes silver jewelry

If you get stung, put a dot of WD-40 on sting and it won't hurt.

Drives moisture from electrical parts.

Removes splattered grease on the stove.

Removes marker pen from glass objects.

Removes tree sap

Keeps zippers on outdoor items from sticking from weather.

Keeps snow from sticking to doors and satellite dishes.

Takes handprints off stainless steel and helps keep them off.

Cleans volleyballs & golfballs

Prevents rust on golf shoe spikes.

Ever get stuck in a sleeping bag because of the zipper..... yes, WD -40 will fix the zipper. ( i don't think this helps if the fabric is the problem in the zipper :) )

And the big one that WD-40 does is keep those squeeky noises down but if you want to know more about what you can do with WD-40, click here to see the full 2000+ list. Enjoy

And for us moms that like to be ready at any time...... wd-40 has a No Mess Pen. to carry in your purse or put in the glove compartment of the car. Whoo Hoo.

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  1. notofthisworld_1973 // 03 September, 2009  

    I knew about the spray can, but I didn't know there was a pen too! Thanx for the info!