I have been putting together a list over the past few months of ideas on how to work from home. I know it is most every mom's desire to be home but with this society and the economy that can't be the case for everyone. Over the next few days I will be posting several ideas that you can check out and see if any of them work for you.
The list below is Virtual Assistants / At Home Call Agents. These companies are legitimate and they hire people to work from their homes. Some of these positions are freelance, independent contractor or hourly. Some even come with benefits. One thing when looking for positions online is to make sure they don't charge a fee to sign up. That is a big caution sign. You never want to pay a fee to put in an application. Please check all the details out and happy job hunting.

Alpine Access: This is a customer service company that services many different companies. They are a member of BBB. They pay an average of $9-$10 per hour. This one is my favorite one so far.
Liveops: this is a virtual call center. You take inbound and outbound calls for customer service. Check out the site for more details. I have heard good things about this company.
Convergys: Customer Service Suport. This company pays to train you and pays hourly wages. They also pay benefits such as time off, 401K, life, medical, dental and vision. This one is worth applying for. I have heard it is hard to get hired here but it is worth the chance with all the benefits they offer.
Arise: Customer service and technical support to businesses. You will take customer service calls, technical support and sales calls also. They pay three different ways, by call, minute or hour. It all averages out to be around $10 -$14 according to other sites that I have read regarding Arise.
Working Solutions: Customer Service Calls. I don't know a lot about this one but plan on checking it out soon. From what I read you get paid from $7.20 -$30 per hour. From what I see it is by project that you are working on. Check it out. That is a great opportunity to make some money.

Tomorrow, I will continue this list. Hopefully, if you are looking to make some money from home this list and the ones to come will help you out a little.

Be sure to comment back and let me know what you find out regarding these companies and what experiences you have had if any with them.

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