Update: Carrie at Moneysavingmethods just alerted us that this is only free if you sign a contract. I have not recieved a call back from them yet regarding my appointment. I will not be able to sign contract but if it is just for 30 days, I will continue do to it.
Just wanted to make you guys aware.
I am always needing inspiration to workout. I love the concept of curves but I have never been to the point to pay the fees to go work out there.
Here is my chance. It will be FREE for 1 month.
Click on the picture below to sign up for your free month also. It will be a good change of atmosphere and you are not obligated to sign a contract.

Join today, and they will give you the rest of summer. That means no monthly dues You get to work out on their proven, 30-minute circuit that works every major muscle group. Hurry, summer won't be around for long! Just fill out the form to set up your FREE fitness plan

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