In this past month's issue of Womans's day, they shared ways to get off of some junk mail list. I wanted to pass the information on you to. If you don't get Woman's Day, it is a great magazine for a small price. Each month I find coupons, great tips and also great gift ideas all in a magazine that cost usually less than $2.

Here is the list of who to call and what that call will do for you.

National Do Not Call Registry This will take care of Telemarketer. This is a govt. based list.

Opt-Out Services This will take care of credit card and insurance offers. This is the 4 major reporting companies list. or 1-888--567 8688

Direct Marketing Assn. Mail Preference Service Program This will take care of all catalogs, magazine offers adn circulars. This is from the mammoth group. or call 212-768-7277 ext 1500

Acxiom U.S. This will take care of all phone, mail or email contact that come through this company. or call 877-774-2094 ext 5

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