Today has been a great relaxing day. That explains why there is not a post up for any thrifty money saving deals. I took the day off. Sorry readers. It was a long time coming. We have been so busy and I needed to just chill with my kids.

Today was a great day with them. With them being teens I normally don't get to have both of them to myself together. Today was that rare snapshot. My son and I had already planned on getting up and going to the eyeglass store to get him a new pair of glasses and then to the Apple store to have his Itouch checked. We asked my daughter if she wanted to go with us this morning and SUPRISE!!! she said sure. She didn't have to be into work until 4 p.m. I was in hog heaven!

But during the day, we did do somethings that were alittle frugal. Our son needed new glasses.

Check out Eyeglass World. They are having a special right now that is 2 pairs for $78. We were pleasantly pleased with the selection. He was able to get two pairs that have total different looks for what ever mood he is in that day. (studious or style setter)

Lunch out. We treated my husband out to lunch today. I didn't want him to miss out on all the fun that I was having. We suprised him and took him to Red Lobster. As you know 4 adults eating there for supper is pricey. But we ate there for lunch and it was a little under $40. Still more than what I would have normally spent for lunch but since we were making this a special day, I think it was ok. If you are planning on eating out, check with the restaurant and see when their lunch ends. The menu really doesn't change as far as variety but the prices change quiet a bit.

I will get back on the wagon this weekend with my posting.

Have a great night!

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