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I needed to rent a car quickly for Saturday to drive about 300 miles to pick up my son. My car had issues with one of tires (i think I ran over used fireworks) My husband & daughter both had to work Saturday and they don't work near each other so they both needed their cars.
I jumped on Priceline on Friday night and looked at cars to rent. An economy car was $22 (before tax)on one day. I did the Name My Own Price feature.

I put in $9 and really thought I would not get it but....... drum roll..... it came back as a winner.
With tax I got the car for $18 (yes tax was the same price as the car rental, bummer ) I was so excited. I got to thinking, this would be a great way to travel. It saves the wear and tear on our cars, it is a newer car, better on gas milage, and it has roadside assistance if it breaks down. They would just bring me another car and I would be on my way. As a female, this might even add a safety element to travel.

The other great thing about renting this car was, I had bidded and won an economy car (bottom on the pole in size and rate) When I got there to pick it up on Saturday morning, they had upgraded me to Midsize. Yay! That is two levels up.

When you are in need of a car or maybe traveling some where and don't want to put the wear and tear on your car, don't forget about Priceline.

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Airfare, Hotels, Rental Cars, Vacation Packages

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