First Impression is very important when you are trying to sell an item on Ebay. If you have a picture that will catch the buyers eyes, you chances of selling the item is much higher. But if you picture is dark, full of other items, or even laying on the floor or the couch, the buyer might pass over your great item just because the picture turns them off.

Here are a few suggestions for taking a good ebay picture.

  • You need a digital camera
  • Find an area in your home that has good light. Natural light is the best.
  • Use a solid color back ground. White is the best. I use 2 foam boards and put them together in an L shape. One to place the item on and one to go behind the item.
  • Focus on the item with little background showing.
  • If selling clothes, be sure to iron the clothes and fold neatly just like in the stores. I post only one picture because of the cost. If the seller asked for more, I will either up load more or email them more views.
  • Edit your photos if you have other things in them or the lighting is wrong. A picture needs to be bright and only the item you are selling in the picture.
  • Upload you picture to your ebay listening.

Just remember that with selling an item on ebay or even Craigs list, a picture is worth a 1000 words. The buyer will not even read your words until they like the picture.

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