Do you buy Diapers, Pain Medicine, Icy Hot, Pull Ups, Poligrip, Foot care items or Digestive help aids? This is just a few items that you can get a rebate for through the Caregivers Marketplace.

Caregivers Marketplace is a company that provides a way for you to purchase items that you and your family needs and gives some back from you purchase. This is a rebate program that is easy to do and all on one form. You can have several purchases from several different stores and you can submit all of them on one form. All you have to have is a purchase of 5 eligible products before you can submit a request for a rebate.

Here are a few examples of rebates that you will get.
• Huggies Supreme gentle care step 1-2 jumbo pack receive .75 cents
• Pull-Ups receive .75 cents
• Balmex diaper rash receive $1.00
• Gold Bond Medicated cornstarch plus baby powder receive $1.00
• Coritzone 10 Cream and Ointment receive $1.00
• Polident Denture crème / gel receive .50 cents
• Depends fitted maximum absorbency receive .50
• Calcium Magnesium zinc tablets receive .75 cents
• Aspercreame Pain Relieving cream receive $1.00
• Icy Hot Chill Stick receive $1.00
• Ecotrin pain reliever receive $2.00

These are just a few items that you can get rebates for. The best thing about this program is that you can still use coupons, buy it on sale and even get it free with the combined sale and coupons, and you will still get the same amount of rebate.

I have an envelope that I keep my receipts in for this program and I only send it in once a quarter. That way when I receive my rebate it is a larger check. If you would like to sign up for this program and learn more about it, click here or the picture above.

I am excited about sharing this program with you because it is just another way for us to get items that we need and use for a lower price or even free.

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