I ran out of my last book of bank checks about 3 weeks ago. I ran by the bank and talked with the teller about ordering checks. She was happy to assist me with the process. I told her I just want the plain check with no extras. Then I asked how much would it be. She said $19.99. At first I was like ok, that is for a box of maybe 5 books or so, that will be fine. But no, it was for ONE book. I politely told her to cancel the order.

I came home and looked on Cashbaq.com. I found a company called 4Checks that had cute checks for really cheap. I found a box of check for $9.99. With going through Cashbaq, I was able to get 15% back and FREE shipping. So, the whole box of checks were $8.46. Can't beat that.
They have so many designs and great prices. Besure to link through Cashbaq when you are shopping for things on line. The picture above is of the checks I got. They are pastel colors. Beautiful. I have written several checks from this box and the bank has not had any issues of processing them.
If you are new to Cashbaq, this is a online rebate service that gives you cash back everytime you spend money through their site. They also have specials on shipping and discounts on items. I love this site. I have earned over $40 lately in just purchasing items that I needed through this site. Cashbaq will give you $5 for just signing up.
click on any of the Cashbaq words to go to the Cashbaq site or on the picture above.

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