I have had the chance to try the Zuvo Water Purator for the past 2 weeks. I wanted to use it for a while before writing about it to you. We have always used the water dispenser that is in the door of our refrigerator for our drinking water plus bought bottles of water to carry with us.

The best testimony that I can give is one that my son gave me.

When I first received the unit to test, my 16 year old was negative regarding having to change his routine of getting the glasses ready for dinner. We all drink water at dinner. He said that the water from the refrigerator is just the same as the water from the Zuvo Water Purator. This week, my son came in from mowing and needed a drink of water. The sink area was being used so I just filled up a glass of water from the refrigerator dispenser. He stopped me and said, why are you not using the Zuvo? "The water taste better and it is not as cloudy."

Wow, if a 16 year old can recognize the difference, then there has to be something right about this process.

The process that the water goes through to be drinkable is amazing. You get to watch it right before your eyes. Here is a You Tube video from the company that shows the process.

This product was also interesting to me because our our heart for Honduras. Clean drinking water is not always available to the people of La Paz. I was excited about testing this unit to see if it would be one that we could start taking to Honduras with us. I think the unit is compact enough to travel with, I think the filter would last long enough for the cost to not be high to maintain. The only concern I would have it the connection to the water outlets. That is something that would just have to be worked on from case to case.

I will be posting a personal video soon. I want to continue to try this unit out through the end of the month to see how the rest of my family reacts. I personally love drinking the water from this unit. I am not a water drinker and have to force myself to drink water but since I have been using this unit, I have found, I go back and refill my glass more often than I had before.

You can check out Zuvo's site at http://www.zuvowater.com/

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