Pharmacys often have offers that if you transfer a prescription or bring a new prescription to their pharmacy they will give you a gift card. This is a great way to earn a little extra cash for you. The gift cards are for the store that the pharmacy is in but, usually the stores have plenty of stuff that you will need on a regular basis.

The only negative about transfering your prescriptions is that the same pharmacy doesn't have a full record of what you have taken. But your insurance company does if needed and I keep my own records at home.

Right now Rite aid is givng $25 gift card for a transfered prescription or new prescription. They are actually allowing you to do this twice. So if you have prescriptions to be filled, consider getting up to $50 of gift cards from Rite Aid.

You can click here to get the coupons for the transfers/new prescription giftcards or on the picture above.

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