I love this company called Simply Shoes. I bought my husband & my dad a pair of black dress shoes about three months ago through this company. All the shoes are made from Ecofriendly materials like car tires, plastics and cotton. The great thing that I love about them is the comfort. My husband turns his feet in and that causes his ankles to hurt. The soles of these shoes are made from recycled tires and have great support and comfort. It has been great for my husband.

I was on their site today and saw they had Joe Curren deck shoes in the sale section. These shoes are awesome. I love the colors and designs. The picture above is the shoe that is on sale right now for $9.90 Regular $65. This is a great summer design. I am going to order this for my son.

I checked on Cashbaq and right now and they have this company featured with 7% back on your purchase. If you haven't got and account with cashbaq yet, you will also get a $5 sign up bonus. This is a free service that gives you rebates back on your purchases if you link through them to purchase on line. I use them all the time. Click here to check it out and look at these awesome shoes.

What do you need to do?
  1. Click here to go to Cashbaq.com

  2. The Simple shoe should be at the top of the page of advertisements but if not just search for the name in the search bar. Simple Shoes

  3. click on the site name for Simple Shoes

  4. Shoe on the Simple Shoes site.

  5. To find these shoes above, Click on Mens, Sale and then you will see the shoes.

  6. Womens shoes also have a sale tab, you can check out what is there also.

  7. That is it. the 7% and the $5 (if you are new to Cashbaq) will be credited to your cashbaq account.

Remember it is also FREE shipping so if you are new to cashbaq and get the 7% you will pay $4.21 for a great $65 pair of shoes.

Happy shopping.

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