Before even starting to write this blog & before the economy crashed I loved selling items on Ebay. It started out of the desire to de-junk my house but then I got hooked. I now search for things to sell on ebay. It has turned out to be a great supplimental income when I concentrate on it. That is the big kicker, it does take time and effort to make money on EBay.

If you would like to make some money on EBay and just don't know where to start, let me give you some suggestions.

  1. Open up an ebay account if you have not already done so. This will involve putting in your personal information. From this screen you will be also able to set up a PayPal account. This will involve putting in your bank information. It is a very secure site. I have never had any problems with hackers with paypal or ebay.

  2. Look around your home first, Do you have items that you don't ever want to use again? Do you have stuff that has been in boxes in the attic for years and you don't want anymore? These are things you can start with. Check on ebay by looking up the items and see if people are selling simular stuff. You can also click "completed listing" on the left side panel and see what an item sold for.

  3. Click on the sale button and follow the directions. Pay attention to the fees as you list your item. I put one picture of the item. You can put multiple pictures but if the picture is really good and your description is detailed, the buyer will be fine.

  4. Be sure to check daily your message tab on your ebay account. Buyers like to ask questions. If you don't answer them promptly, you might loose a sell.

  5. When the item sells, get it out quickly and wrapped in protective materials. This pleases the buyer and they will then leave you a positive feedback. Be sure to leave the buyer a positive feedback also.

  6. The money will be sent to your paypal account. You have the option of leaving it in there and using it to pay for your online purchases or click withdrawl and it will be sent to your bank account or a check mailed.

I now go each Saturday to yard sales and I frequent the GoodWills in my area. I love to find deals. Here is one of my latest that was great.

American Girl Doll.
I found this doll at the Goodwill for $1.75.
Here is the completed listing. The final price before shipping is in red.
American Girl Just Like Me Doll Brown Hair Brown Eyes
Item condition:
Jun 26, 200916:53:39 PDT
Bid history:
21 Bids
Winning bid:
US $56.00

$9.90US Postal Service Priority Mail

See how this can get additive. Now that I have your attention, I will be posting over then next few weeks an EBay series on how to sell on ebay and items that I see is selling for a higher price. I challenge you to go ahead and set up that account and get your paypal account ready then start looking around your house for items that you really don't need.

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  1. Janell // 30 June, 2009  

    Ok here is my big Ebay tip...Go to used game stores and buy Play Station 2 network adapters. In Florida they are about $15. You can re-sell them on Ebay for $50 or more! It is a great, quick profit! They are hard to find but just call around and have them hold it for you. It is worth the search!