Our gas prices went from$1.99 to $2.34 almost over night. What is up with that? My husband filled our daughters car up at $1.99 and then when he passed back by the gas station it had changed to$2.29. Glad he got it when he did.

I don't know if this is a trend that is going to keep going up since summer is coming but we need to take every means possible to decrease the cost our out of pocket cost for driving our cars.

Remember to:
1.Get your oil changed regularly. This is the easiest way to keep up your vehicle. By changing your oil you will get better gas mileage and your vehicle will last longer.
2.Keep your tires aired up. Keep your tire pressure at the recommended weight. The correct range in your tire will save you a lot in gas money.
3.Small is better. Drive a small car when you are just traveling around town. If most of your miles during the day is on roads that you stop and go, drive a small car. Is there a reason to drive a gas guzzler if it is just you and a couple of other people in the car with you. Don't drain you budget by driving the wrong size car.

This is just a quick reminder as I see the price of gas rise here in the great city of Louisville.

What is your prices where you live? Comment and let us know.

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