Loosing weight is so hard for me. I have been over weight ever since I had our son. My body never recovered. This is because of several reasons, I love to cook, my precious husband & I love to eat out, my side of the family always has had a weight problem, we have a busy schedule so we eat a lot of fast food and oh...... I hate to exersice. Sounds like a bunch of excuses.
My husband and both need to loose weight. I have started preparing our meals to be more healthy, we have cut down on our fast food and we both agree we need to exersise.

With that all said, we still need something that will be fast and help us feel full. Slim fast is something that my husband has drunk on and off for several years for breakfast. He vows it holds him over until lunch and it taste good. I am just excited that they have it in Chocolate. I think I can trick myself if chocolate is involved.

I wanted to tell you about a program that Slim Fast has to help you track your weight and also help you , encourage you and give you COUPONS to let your budget stay on a diet.


This program helps you keep up with your goals, helps you see what you need to eat, inspires you and encourages you. The great thing about this is that whole service is FREE.

I am going to register my husband and I and start tracking our progress. Join us. Click on the picture above and fill out the short survey and sign up. Let's do this together. Have you got a vacation planned, a reunion or maybe a special anniversary coming up that you want to get back into shape? Let's do it together.

Good luck!!!

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