To become a thrifty shopper you have to also become a strategic shopper. Being a strategic shopper starts with being organized, being aware of the market prices, knowing how, when and where to find and use the coupons. In today's post I am going to share about how to know the prices are at the lowest point.

In my series Living a Lifestyle of Abundance on a Shoestring Budget I talked about organizing your files. One of the tabs that I have in my binder is a Price List. This is where I keep a running list of items that I buy often with the size and price. I can refer to this list when I question if an item is at a really good sale price.

Grocery store prices can go up and down by 50% or more over a several month period. Just like today, I bought a frozen meal that I can take to lunch that was on sale for $1.88. The regular price is $3.69. I referred to my list and saw that this was the lowest price that I have ever seen this item. Since it was the lowest price, I knew I could use my coupons and buy this product and it will be the best price. (I had 8 coupons for $1 off of 1 so I got them for .88 cents each 76% savings.)
This is a list that you will have to build over a period of time or if you save your receipts, go back and look at items that you buy frequently. Start your list from your shopping habits. Check the prices and adjust as you see them on sale. I have a list that have the common things (sugar, flour, eggs, milk, bread, cheese, etc. ) but on the list I also have Sun Chips, Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, etc. Make the list your own. I started my list just on regular notebook paper and then moved it to an excel worksheet once I got it all filled in.

In this current economy, price do vary and maybe the lowest price now isn't the lowest price that you got 6 months ago but it should be close. You do have to consider the gas prices, economy and the struggle of the store that you shop at also when checking prices.

Build you list. This is an important part of being a Thrifty Shopper. This helps you stay accountable and not impulse buy or allow advertising fool you into thinking that the item is on sale. Your list will tell you if it is really on sale.

Make your list, check it twice and then you will see if you have been naughty or nice. :)

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