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As a kid do you remember hearing your parents yell, "Don't leave the door open, stay either in or out, you are letting all the air out." Or my favorite is, "Do you think you live in a barn?"

Summer is almost here and that means the air conditionar is going to be running. Now is the time to get your home ready.

There are some hidden areas in your home that allows the cool air to escape. Your attic and basement has many areas that could leak air. This can significantly raise your energy bill. Check out the following areas. Seal them with rubber caulk, weatherstripping or other materials. Did you know that 30% of your expenses up to $1500 may qualify for an energy efficiency tax credit on your next year's taxes? That is right. You area going to be saving money on your taxes as well as on your monthly bills. Check with your accountant or look up the 2009 Interantional Energy Conservation code.
  • Windows and doors need to be caulked, or seals replaced.
  • Attic Hatch. Check around the hatch and make sure you don't see gaps. If so, get some stripping to cover the gap.
  • Wiring Holes & Plumbing vents. This is a big hidden one. Look at where all your wiring is coming into the house. Can you see daylight? If so, seal the hole.
  • Furnace Flue or Duct Chaseways. This is the hollow box or wall feature that hids the ducts. Make sure it is all sealed and insulated.
  • Basement Rim Joists. This is where the foundation meets the wood framing.

A great resource to use is http://www.energystar.gov/. They have some great step by step instructions on how to weatherize your home. If you weatherize your home then that in turn turns into money saved.

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