I picked up a paper today, really dreading looking in because last week was the first week I had ever got burned with the coupons being taken from the paper. I bought a paper and someone had stole the coupons. But I picked one up today wondering if I would get burned again, but.... The paper was full of coupons. Today you should have 3 inserts in the paper and full of some great coupons. We are going back out tonight so I am going to grab another paper because of how good the coupns are.

Some of my favorites is
$1 off kens dressing,
35 cent and 55 cent off eggs
two 55 cent off of mentos gum. (my favorite gum)
$1 off Hershey Bliss
$1 off Terra Chips (YUM)
75 cents off Kraft BBQ sauce (this will turn into some FREE sauce soon)
$1.50 off & $1 Pert plus for Men
$1.50 off and .75 cents off Sure Deodorant
$1 off Smartfood Snacks. (I have tried the cranberry almond popcorn, it is awesome)

These are just a small selection of the coupons in todays paper. It is worth picking it up.

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