A great way to save is to get your fruits when they are in season. Grocery stores will have the fruits at a better price as well as fruit farms will have open season for you to come pick yourself or they will have them picked and ready for you.

If you stock up on fruit, it is very easy to freeze them. All you will need to do is
  1. Wash the fruit well to make sure you get rid of any pesticides and also little creatures.
  2. Spread a towel out and put your fruit on it to air dry.
  3. Once dry, you can either flash freeze the fruit by putting the fruit on a baking sheet and put in the freezer for a couple of hours and then put into freezer bags or just load your freezer bags with fruit and put into the freezer. By flash freezing the fruit, you will be able to freeze the fruit in larger bags and shake out what you need for that time.
  4. Place in the freezer labeled what the fruit is and the date you packaged them.

You will enjoy the harvest of fruit throughout the year by freezing them when they are fresh and in stock, along with cutting the cost of buying the fruit when it is out of season. Just think of all the great cobblers, waffle toppings, strawberry shortcakes and what ever else you can imagine will taste like this coming fall and winter. YUM!
These are the dates that fruit is ready to be harvested for the our area. (Kentucky)

  • Strawberries: May 17 - June 15
  • Blueberries June 15 - July 30
  • Raspberries June 20 - July 3
  • Blackberries June 30 -August 15
  • Fall Raspberries August 1 - August 15

Enjoy your fruit all year long.

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