Thanks to Motherhood Moments, here is some great freebies for us to try.

Seeded paper (paper you can plant)
Personalized 5x7 Hallmark card using code CARD4MOM or APRILCARD
Ringtonica Dental Floss
Nicorette cinnamon (watch the video for the link)
Crafts for Mom eBook (just close the window that asks for email)
Tom's Friend mug (indie film giveaway)
Solid Advice Beech-Nut feeding booklet
Degree Fragrance Collection (deodorant and body mist pair)
CroisSonic sandwich when you give them your email
Environmental publications for kids for residents of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin although others can download
Dogswell dog food for unemployed pet owners
Confessions of a Shopaholic book to send to a friend
Oakley notebook when you sign up for email updates
L'Oreal Age PerfectL'Oreal Revitalift (sign in/sign up and go to "My Offers")
Vitabase Tea (try each morning; limited samples daily)

Be sure to check out Motherhood Moments. Thank you agian for these sample alerts. Also, Motherhood Moments preview a website called Garage Sale Tracker. Check out what Motherhood moments had to say . click here.

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