Now that we realize we are in a recession, people are looking for ways to trim expenses and still live the way your use to but pay less for it. What are some ways you can save and still shop? Let me share a few ideas that I have with you.

  1. Make lists. You always need to go into a store with what you are going to buy written down. This is a form of accountability. If you don't have a list made, you might get off track and by things that are unneccessary. When you get ready to go shopping, sit down, make a list and match up any coupons that you have to go with your list. This is important to do. If you don't you will end up buying things that you really didn't need or wasn't really that great of a deal.
  2. Shop online as much as possible. When you shop online you cut out the opportunity to go into a store with many more items that you can impulse buy. Shopping online, you can shop prices and choose the best options and price point for you. Plus online shopping tends to be cheaper than what you can find in the brick and mortar stores. There is usually not much overhead. They don't have to pay mall prices for a store to sell to you. Also, use the rebate sites that gives you a % back on your purchases. Click here to check out my favorate site for this. there is tons of stores that you shot through from this site.
  3. Don't drive all over the place to save a $1. Make sure that the saving is large enough to account for going to over 2 stores. If the stores are not on your way back and forth on your daily ride then check your list, coupons and then see if you really need to go to that store to get the few dollars off that special item. Consider that time, gas and savings and see if you need to go get that item. I shop at Krogers and Walgreens. I will add Walmart or CVS is there are multiple items that would be free or 75% off the regular price.
  4. Stockpile. I have talked about this several times but you need to stockpile. Buy things when they are on that great sale price. Buy enough of the item to last about 10-12 weeks. IF the price is at a rock bottom, then buy several to last until it goes on sale again at this price. You never want to pay full price for an item.
  5. Last but not least. Eat before you go shopping. If you walk into the store with an empty stomach, you will buy more. You will buy things that you don't even realize you put in the cart. Eat a granola bar or a meal before going into that store.

Take care of your household. You can still live a quality, enjoyable life and save that extra $. You have to been watchful and careful on your spending but you will be blessed if you use your money wisely.

Have a great week.

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