Trading sites are becoming more and more popular. I find many things on Craigs List and Ebay. I also sell several items on ebay. In the April All You magazine they have provided a list of Trading sites that measure up. Here is a run down on the sites.

  1. Craigs list( This one is a great site because you can narrow the buying area down to your specific city. This saves a lot of money on shipping. You can list on this site for FREE. The only contact that you have is with the seller. There is no customer service for this site.
  2. Swap it now ( according to All You this is the internet flee market. This is a young site but it is organized.
  3. Swap Tree ( is for books, movies, music and video games. It is a free site and easy to use. You let other user know if you have the item or if you want it. You can only trade for and with the items listed.
  4. Trade Away ( This site claims to be the largest bardering site. This site is one that you have to pay for so it is the pricey one of all.

Check out these sites. You might come across that long lost item that you have been wanting to buy. This could turn into a great place for you to find great deals or this might be an avenue to make some extra cash for you.

Check them out.

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