This is an offer for a Free $25 gift card to Target if you sign up for this shopping network. I have signed up to make sure about the details and also to make sure it is legit. When you sign up you have to pay a trial fee of $1.95 and then after the trail there is a $9.99 amonth fee for this service.
the only thing I am not sure about is how fast the gift card will come. It might come after your trial is up so if you decided you don't like the service and want to cancel it you might need to wait one month to cancel before you get the gift card in which that means you would be getting a FREE $13.06 gift card from Target. Still a good deal for just a phone call.
From looking at the shopping options on this site, there are many things here that would be great to use.
Check it out. The first page doesn't committ you to anything so you can enter your name and your "Deals" e-mail address on the first page and then it will take you to the payment screen as well as more information.
Also, read the terms and conditions at the bottom. It is always good to research it yourself.
Have fun! Click on the picture above.

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  1. SonyaAnn // 17 April, 2009  

    I'm glad that I found your blog and I like #4 and #9. It can be hard to live below your means but its the only way to get ahead. And we got free cabinets from a kitchen remodel, we painted and hung them in the laundry room and voila I have room to stock pile. This has really help to get our costs down. Great article!