I went to walgreens to stock up on all the great buys and as I was rounding by the pharmacy, I saw a bin of water bottles for $1.50. We go through so many water bottles at our house so I am always looking for replacements. I picked this one up and it is full of goodies.

This was a great deal. You get:

Crayons Tissue Lotion Hand santitizer

Chap stick Pill organizer Water Bottle.

This is a great gift for a college student, elderly person or your teen that is playing ball. But if you are going to be spending time out side this spring, this is a great set up. You have your water bottle, tissues for the allergies, chap stick because of the windy spring, lotion to keep you hands soft, sanitizer to clean your hands before eat the ball park hotdog, and a pill case to carry the allergy med and headache meds.

Go get you one of these before they get swipped up.


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