Update on $25 gift card. I just recieved in my e-mail the info on the $25 gift card to Wal mart. they send you via snail mail a short survey to fill out. you have to return the survey in order to get the gift card. You also have to be a memeber of the service when the survey is recieved back in the mail. So ultimately, you have to pay for the service up to 2 months before getting the card. You will still be in the positive with this but not as large as the numbers listed below. I am still going to continue with the service and see what other benefits it gives. I will keep you updated. Over all, I still think it is a good deal.

Did you want to win the Silicone cake pans? Here is a chance to get one of your choice for FREE. A 19.95 value for as little as $1 shipping.
Here is the deal.

  1. Click on the image above.
  2. Shop for your favorite piece of bakeware.
  3. Go to the checkout
  4. Choose the $1 shipping option
  5. Home Savings Mall will come up.
  6. Read the details of the offer. This is a shopping service that you pay monthly for. It is $14.95 a month. You have 7 days to check it out and see if you like it. You can cancel before that 7th day and not pay for even the first month. Be sure to mark your calendar with the phone number that you will need to use to cancel.
  7. As a bonus, they will send you a survey in your welcome packet to fill out. According to the introduction, after you fill out the survey, you will recieve a $25 gift card for Walmart in the mail with in 4-5 weeks.

If you do this you will recieve a Silicone pan valued at 19.95, shipping $1, trial offer for Home Saving Mall and a $25 gift card to Walmart. So total if you keep the Home savings Mall for at least a month you will have gained $29.00 If you don't keep the home savings mall and you cancel before the 7 day trial, you will have gained 43.95 (pending the gift card from Walmart.)

This way everyone gets a Silicone pan for no cost.

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